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WHO CAN ATTEND: EO Members & Accelerators

Remember that really challenging meeting you had? Yup, it was a lot to endure. Katie Spotz has endured some challenging things too, and she did it for a great cause. Her first (yes, first) major challenge was rowing solo across the Atlantic. In fact, she set the record for being the youngest person to do so! Spotz took this on to raise $150,000 for clean water projects and has since taken on dozens of challenges in support of the mission for clean water. Come learn more about Katie Spotz and her story!

Katie will present to EO Members and Accelerator Members at 4:15 with a reception to follow. Make plans to relax and connect with each other on what promises to be a beautiful summer evening at a unique place.


Attention Daughters of EO

Katie Spotz is doing a special presentation to member’s daughters of any age. This will take place before the event and start at 3:15 and last about 30 minutes. Give your daughter the chance to hear the story of independence, commitment, and adventure.

We can gather on the patio while Katie is encouraging our daughters to be bold, take risks, and aim high. This might require some juggling of rides, but it is totally worth it.

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