Congratulations for being an entrepreneur and following your dreams! You have built your business from the ground up. You have taken a risk and you have created your own destiny. But now, you are here looking to make a bigger impact, to get a little advice, to build a stronger foundation, seek new wisdom or inspiration or to expand relationships with other hardworking, like-minded entrepreneurs.

You’ve come to the right place. Welcome to EO Cleveland.

EO Cleveland can help you achieve all of that and more. As entrepreneurs, we all took a chance to follow our dreams, and we know what it takes to succeed and how to tackle the challenges along the way. EO Cleveland is a band that sticks together, works through the rough times and celebrates the good.

Apply for Membership

Membership Qualifications

To qualify, you must:

  1. Be the founder, co-founder, owner or controlling shareholder of a company
  2. Hold one of the above titles for a company that grosses more than $1 million annually.
  3. For venture-backed companies to qualify for membership, they must have privately raised funds of $2 million or publicly raised funds of $5 million and have 10 full-time employees. Venture-backed companies have three years before they must meet the standard qualification of $1 million in gross annual revenue.

Application Process

  1. Prospective members must apply to ensure they meet the Entrepreneurs’ Organization membership criteria.
  2. Cleveland EO will then contact you for an interview and make a decision on your application.
  3. If accepted, you will gain access to Forum training and meetings,chapter and global events,and a wide variety of other exclusive benefits. Within your first three months, you will also receive an orientation from global staff.
  4. During your first few months of joining, you will go through Forum training and be placed in a Forum.

Member Dues:

Members pay both chapter and global dues in one annual membership payment.

  • Global dues are currently $2,470 plus a one-time $2,500 initiation fee and are prorated based on the fiscal quarter you join.
  • EO Cleveland annual dues are $2,500, with a one-time new member chapter initiation fee of $1,000.

Additional Costs:

In addition to membership dues and initiation costs, members who choose to participate in the forum experience can expect costs associated with an annual forum retreat. Costs vary widely depending on the forum chosen. Other events such global and regional learning events or once in a lifetime experiences incur separate event and travel costs.

Get Started!

Complete your application. If you have any questions and would like to speak to an EO Staff member, submit an interest form and we will be in touch.

EO Accelerator Cleveland Membership

The EO Accelerator Program strives to provide new entrepreneurs with the tools, accountability and community to forge their path, master their business and become successful. EO Accelerator helps entrepreneurs overcome the new challenges they face every day by providing structured educational content focused on the​ core areas of startup businesses. This program provides new entrepreneurs with the set list and connections to the world’s most influential entrepreneurs that they need to succeed.

Eligibility Requirements

Participation in EO Accelerator Cleveland is limited to 30 entrepreneurs to ensure maximum benefit to all involved.

To qualify for the EO Accelerator program, entrepreneurs must:

  • Be the owner or founder of an operating business with gross yearly revenues between $250,000 to $1 million.

To apply for the program, entrepreneurs must:

  • Complete an application and verify sales criteria.
  • Meet with EO Cleveland’s liaison.

*Only qualified applicants will be considered. Qualification does not ensure admission into the program. All applicants are subject to approval by EO.

Pricing and Payment Options

The EO Accelerator Program costs $1,750 per participant (excluding additional local fees, which vary by program location). The cost of admission gives participants access to four quarterly learning events as well as numerous networking opportunities with their peers. Upon acceptance into Cleveland’s EO Accelerator program, fees will be prorated from the start date through June 30 to account for a July 1-June 30 fiscal year.

Set Your Stage for Success! Apply to Be a Member of the Cleveland EO Accelerator Program!