Using Culture Index for Data-Based People Decisions

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Key issues covered include:

  • What are your employees not telling you (that you need to know)?
  • How to optimize & maximize to get the most ROI out of your payroll expense
  • How do you evaluate talent for optimal prospect selection?
  • What and who is holding you back from hitting your top & bottom-line goals?
  • Gloves-off truth on your top performers, the people currently struggling, who is ready to walk out the door and what to do about it.
  • What if you could possess objective data that would give you an unfair advantage in your most important decisions: your people?

Chas Moscarino, executive advisor, business owner and professional business speaker, will lead us through the steps to get answers to these questions and more. Chas applies rigorous analytics, assessing our organizations’ ability to hit top and bottom-line goals. Using participants’ organizational data, Chas provides analytical and statistical feedback for real-time discussions on our companies that can yield immediate results. With his gloves-off and humorous, straightforward approach, Chas engages active participation from each member for a unique event that will not be forgotten!

**PLEASE NOTE: In order to participate fully and receive maximum benefit from this program, registrants are asked to complete a brief Survey, and have their executive teams do the same. Feedback, analysis, and discussion of completed surveys will take place during the program. You will receive an email with instructions after you register.

Value To Member: There are many tools on the market that accurately read people, “personality assessments”. However, without the knowledge to completely understand the job & the manager, these “assessments” have extremely limited application. This knowledge transfer mini-workshop is designed to understand why making people decisions is much more than just hiring, “What is your Human Capital Strategy?”. We will look at how to maximize and optimize payroll expenses to get the most productivity out of our people. 70% of our employees go to work every day and are disengaged, why the disparity?The information provided in this engagement gives the CE the ability to take current inventory of who is in the right place, how to duplicate our top performers, who might be struggling with the current workload, and what to do about it. Each CE also has the opportunity for a complimentary, one-hour one-on-one review of the results after the presentation.

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